Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Sweet It Is......

You may have noticed that most of my posts on this blog usually deal with examples of how we are losing control of our own country. Crooked politicians, crooked-greedy bankers and wall street hot shots, greedy over-priced oil companies, and the outsourcing of jobs and products manufactured in our country.

Well, on occasion, I come across positive articles about things that are still being produced in the USA and I love to share that information. Anytime I can knowingly buy a product that is made here I make sure I purchase that product.

Without going into too much detail about my eating habits and my cholesterol level I want to share with you a wonderful sweet. It is Creme de Pirouline, a 'rolled wafer' made in the USA by the Peter DeBeukelaer Corp., Madison, MS. I am enjoying the chocolate hazelnut version and I must say it is a great tasting, light dessert that you always have room for after any meal. The advertising on the cute tin they come in says, "Indulge in the swirl of life". 

According to their website, "the DeBeukelaer family has been baking premium Belgium Biscuits and Wafers since 1860. Their bakers still follow the same critical standards and traditions of our forefathers. With all that history behind the name, when we put DeBeukelaer on the package we promise it will be delicious and consistent every time." 

It's always a pleasant surprise to pick up an item in the store and see the "Made in the USA" logo with a picture of our flag. So whenever I see that proudly proclaimed on any package I make sure I buy their product and pass along the information to my family and friends. 

Check out their products and their website at Pirouline.com . That's pronounced, 'peer-o-lean'. If you have an extra minute, drop them a quick comment to just say thanks for keeping their company in America.

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