Monday, September 26, 2011

Are We All Just Crazy.....

My wife and I spent almost 3 weeks at our cabin in western Kentucky and I really just wanted to point out something that simply amazes me whenever I see it.

While taking a day-trip on our vacation we were in Bowling Green, Kentucky.This was back in late August. Gasoline prices for the area we were in, including the area around our cabin, was averaging about $3.59-$3.69 per gallon. When we got to Bowling Green and were on on of the main streets looking for a White Castle, I noticed there must have been a half-dozen gas stations within a 3 block area.
All of the stations were selling their gas for $3.69 and one advertised $3.68 per gallon. Then, in the middle of all these stations I saw a Raceway station with its huge sign advertising their gas for $3.44 per gallon. I'll let that sink in....... Go ahead, go back and read that again, I'll wait......

All of the stations were selling their gas for $3.69 per gallon and the Raceway was 25 CENTS cheaper per gallon! (I should have added about 10 exclamation points to show my amazement).

Now you would think my next comment would be that the Raceway had cars backed out onto the street waiting for gas and the other stations were empty. But I can't say that. Sure, Raceway was doing a good steady business and I filled up there also but all of the other stations had customers also. Lots and lots of people were paying the extra 25 cents per gallon and not using Raceway.

Please, can anyone out there explain to me why that would happen? I also saw that same scene at one other location while on our trip and it also involved another Raceway. It is mind boggling why people would pay more money for gas than they have to.

That's a perfect example of why we are paying whatever prices the oil companies want to charge us. Gas prices have been falling every week for the past couple of months, but only by a penny or two every other day. When gas prices rise they jump by 8-10 cents a gallon or higher EACH day. You NEVER see them fall that fast.

So please do me a favor and if you are one of those people that would pay even a nickel more for gas than a station a block away from you, please tell me why. And if you are one of the people that paid 25 cents more for gas in Bowling Green, please tell me you escaped from a mental home so I won't think you are just a stupid fool.

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