Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spinning Out of Control.....

Below is an article published by The Washington Times. If you need further proof that we are losing our America then read this slowly:

"Air Force Buys Chinese Planes"

The Air Force Academy recently purchased 25 advanced trainers from Cirrus Aircraft for its powered-flight program, an integral part of the cadets pilot training.

After Cessna, the Minnesota-based Cirrus Aircraft is the worlds second- largest manufacturer of single-engine general aviation aircraft. The new planes, known as T-53A trainers, come with sophisticated avionics and the most advanced flight safety and recovery design and systems. They are custom-designed for the Air Force based on Cirrus SR20 model.

The deal is worth $6.1 million. Delivery is already under way and is expected to be completed by 2012.

One problem is that Cirrus Industries Inc., the aircraft maker’s parent company, is 100 percent owned by the Chinese communist government. It was purchased by the Chinese in March 2011 for a reported $210 million.
The sale was not blocked for national security concerns by Congress or the Obama administration, even with opposition from Rep. Chip Cravaack, Minnesota Republican, who stated in a letter to the Treasury Department in March that the sale could compromise U.S. national security. Despite alarms coming from several sides, the sale was finalized by the end of June.

Only days after the purchase was completed, the new Chinese owners received the aircraft order from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece newspaper Peoples Daily on Tuesday called the transaction “revolutionary” because it marked the first time the U.S. Air Force ordered an entire set of aircraft from China for military training equipment.

Cirrus was sold to a Chinese firm called China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd., or CAIGA, a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corp., a government-owned conglomerate formed in July 2008 under direct orders from the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. With seemingly unlimited financial resources from the newly rich Chinese government, China Aviation Industry Corp. is the Chinese company with the most state-owned banks loan guarantees, more than $50 billion in 2009 alone. It was created with the goal of gobbling up the worlds general aviation assets during the historic global financial downturn.

Reporting on the significance of the Cirrus deal, the government-controlled English newspaper China Daily said “the acquisition of Cirrus will be an important step for [China Aviation Industry Corp.s] global expansion plan, which aims to set up R&D, sales and service centers in China, the U.S. and Europe. The company currently has its manufacturing base in Zhuhai, Guangdong province.”

That's right folks, the U.S. Air Force has ordered planes to be built by the Chinese communists! I actually had to research this and I found out that it is all true. I guess the next step is to buy all of out White House phone equipment from them and have their technicians install it all...... 

Want more proof? Click on this link: Company Merger


  1. Why wasn't there any outcry like this in 2001 when a majority of Cirrus was bought by an Islamic Bank?

    In August 2001, Cirrus sold 58% of the company for $100 million to Crescent Capital, the US arm of the First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain (now called Arcapita)

    The simple fact is that America can no longer support general aviation industries.

  2. For the record, these aircraft are built entirely in the US by American citizens. As to your comment about security concerns of the buyout, they are not gaining access to any technologies that weren't already commercially available. Small airplanes with piston engines really are not the forefront of military technology. Seems like the Chinese buyout and subsequent USAF contract just secured the jobs of many US citizens. Let's not lose sight of that!

  3. I haven't lost sight of anything. I'm aware that the piston engine planes are not high military technology. It doesn't matter what item our government agreed to have made by China. The fact is, we are having an item made for a branch of our armed forces by a communist country. I would still be opposed to this if the planes were being made in Canada! You're saying that the buyout and subsequent contract secured the jobs of many US citizens. But, how many more jobs would have been secured if we built the planes in our own country? Would it have also been a good thing if we secured more US citizens jobs by having China or Russia or Cuba manufacture computers or telephones or any sensitive item that would be used in the White House? I wouldn't even want a toilet seat used in any government location made in China!

  4. Silly little paranoid article.


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