Friday, December 14, 2012

Losing Our World...

What kind of crazy are you when you know that you are going to get up this morning and go kill a lot of people? And then you carry it out, knowing you are killing innocent children. For those of us that know there is a hell, we can be glad to know that you will at least be burning there for eternity. And for those of you that aren't sure if there is a hell, at least you'll be hoping there is. And for the parents and relatives of all those killed, they are going their own hell on earth. Pray for them all.....
I won't even print or ever utter the name of this heinous murderer. He deserves nothing but contempt and damnation from all of us. 
We are so very aware that we share this planet with a lot of crazy people. Fortunately, most of them go about their lives without harming anyone else. But, as we read every day, there are still plenty that could care less about human lives and go about their plan to destroy people's lives. 
 The method of their madness and the tools used to carry out their objective is not the cause of the outcomes. Their lack of concern for fellow humans and their brains  are solely responsible. Their hope of gaining worldwide recognition and some sort of warped hero status is just another example of their insanity.
May they all rot in hell.

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