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Costas Cost Us!

I must first admit that I may not be the greatest writer when it comes to expressing my views. But when something gets me mad I will write about it. And when I come across someone that writes something about a topic I'm interested in, I'll give them all the credit. 

I have been quiet on the Bob Costas story where he went on live TV during a football game to lecture America on a tragedy, according to him, caused by a handgun. Sometimes people can be so stupid that I don't even want to comment on what they said. 

But I came across an article written by a man that explains my feelings perfectly. So I decided to copy his comments here and let him do the talking. 
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Politics: Excuse me, Bob Costas, but you're an idiot, so shut up

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday December 3rd, 2012

Dan Calabrese
By DAN CALABRESE - "Our current gun culture"? What does that even mean?
If you tuned in to watch the Eagles-Cowboys game last night on NBC, and ended up being irritated instead by Bob Costas's sanctimonious halftime rant about gun control, well . . . at least the second half of the game was exciting.
But welcome to the latest example of a sportscaster who just can't help himself from becoming a self-important scold on matters beyond his paygrade. Just about everything Costas said concerning the murder-suicide perpetrated by Kansas City Chiefs player Javon Belcher was cliche-ridden and ridiculous.

For starters, what Belcher did was horrible, but hardly "unfathomable" as Costas suggests. Does Costas pay attention to statistics concerning domestic violence in this country? The twisted, deranged male who offs his girlfriend and then himself is all too fathomable in a world as fallen as this one. The use of that word suggests a certain naivete that pretty well invalidates everything Costas says after that - not that it would have any validity otherwise.

And what's this crap about "perspective" and how we have to keep regaining it? Who says the rest of us fail to keep sports in perspective? Maybe Bob Costas and those in his profession think about sports 24/7. That doesn't mean they're justified in projecting that kind of obsession on the rest of us just because we tune in to watch the game. I really get sick of sportswriters and sportscasters berating their readers and viewers for lacking the proper perspective on the importance of sports in society. What the hell do you think you idiots talk about morning, noon and night?

The rest of us are dealing with matters of a bit more weight, it may shock you to know.
As for the gun control policy debate, there's little to say that hasn't been said a million times before. Make handguns illegal and the only people who have them will be those willing to go through illegal channels and possessing the means to do so. You don't think Jevon Belcher would have fallen into that category?
But I did think the user of the term "our current gun culture" deserved to be called out for special scorn. What does that even mean? Those who believe in the importance of Second Amendment rights are not, as Costas suggests here, advocating that people use guns to settle "convenience store confrontations about loud music coming from a car." Whatever culture produces that kind of behavior deserves attention, but guns do not cause it, and if Costas or Jason Whitlock want to address the problems associated with this culture, maybe they should look at all the root causes of it rather than using it as an excuse for sanctimonious gun-control screeds.

This about as idiotic a span of a minute and 32 seconds as you're ever going to hear. Bob Costas has a real gift when it comes to talking about sports, especially baseball. When it comes to talking about culture and public policy, he reveals himself to be an utter buffoon who just needs to shut his mouth and spare the rest of us the torment of listening to his ill-informed, intellectually vacuous dreck.
Shut up, Bob.

UPDATE: We're now hearing reports that Belcher was an alcoholic. When will Costas, NBC and the NFL renounce all their alcohol advertisers so as to end the culture of alcohol and prevent "unfathomable" tragedies such as this?

Thanks again Dan! Here is the link to the Costas video in case you haven't seen it:  Costas Is An Idiot!

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