Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodbye American Worker

I'm sure you are aware of all the latest news about China's involvement in American businesses. I could write for a week and still not give a complete list of products that China is making for the U.S. or the U.S. companies that they are buying a controlling interest in or taking complete control. I thought I'd highlight a few of the latest ones along with links to more information so you can read at your leisure.
One of the largest partnerships, with China becoming more involved in the business, is with General Motors. I've always bought mostly GM vehicles all my life but I guess I'll switch to Ford until they sell out to China. But I can at least honestly say that I've never bought a new car made by a foreign automaker.

Here are the links you really need to read and pass along to your friends: 
Is that our country going up in a puff of smoke??
General Motors and China

Another purchase of an American company by China is the announcement that it will buy AMC Entertainment Holdings, a major U.S. cinema chain, for $2.6 billion in China's biggest corporate takeover in the United States. The deal will create the world's biggest movie theater operator.
China Grabs Cinema

One of the latest news items involving China and the U.S. is the story that all of the 2012 Olympic team's clothes are being made in China! Yep, good old Ralph Lauren is somehow involved in the decision to allow that to happen. Of course he justified it as any businessman would do by double-talk, and going on the offensive, acting as though the people who questioned him about it are trying to make a story out of nothing.
Olympic Clothes

All of the above examples are, to me, simply a huge embarrassment to our country and it shows the sad state our country is in by giving more and more jobs away, and having a communist country owning more of our country every day. This latest story bout the Olympic uniforms is still being debated on TV and talk shows and a large number of Americans are actually upset over it. Although, like all similar stories, it will die out in a week and no one will care any longer.Not that anything will change because of people's protests about it. Even though I hate the fact that our athletes will be wearing clothes made by Communists and the fact that they are actually not even an attractive uniform, I was intrigued by a letter to the editor in my local Tampa Bay Times, in the July 18, 2012 edition. It was written by Mike Tardif from St. Petersburg and he writes:

"Why are we acting like such hypocrites about Chinese-made U.S. Olympic uniforms? Where were you when you first heard about the uniforms? Driving in your Japanese-made car? Listening to the news on your Chinese-made radio as you were cooking in the kitchen with your Chinese-made appliances? Or maybe you saw it on the evening news, viewed on your Chinese or Japanese-made TV. I could go on, but why, due to the worst corporate tax structure in the free world, have we let this happen? Maybe it is about time we not only demand the U.S. Olympic Committee buy American but we start with ourselves." 

Now let me admit right away that I also buy Chinese goods as well as items from other countries. But it is almost impossible not to. I have a TV, computer, printer, telephones, radios, appliances, clothes, and my vehicles likely have parts made out of the U.S. But, I am forced to buy those things if I want to function. I do make a conscious effort to check labels whenever I shop for anything and I do buy American if I can find the product I need made by an American company. 

I'm sure we'll never get back to the days when everything we bought was made in the USA, but I can at least try the best I can to buy American and I will always continue to bring it to people's attention that we all should try and buy American whenever possible. But I'm sure it's too late to change much of it because most people just look at the price and buy at the lowest price possible. And when your socks are made by a kid making 50 cents a day you'll buy a dozen pair.....


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