Monday, April 26, 2010

Kwam Down People...

Do you remember in 2008 when former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pled guilty to obstruction of justice after sexually explicit text messages became public, showing he had lied under oath about an affair with a staff member in a whistle blowers' lawsuit

He resigned as mayor, served 99 days in jail, agreed to give up his law license, repay the city $1 million, and stay out of politics for five years. Some people can never learn.

A judge ruled on April 20, 2010 that Kilpatrick violated terms of his probation by failing to report assets and turn over tax refunds, suggesting that he may send him to jail when he's sentenced next month.

Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner said Kilpatrick could remain free on bail pending his sentencing on May 25.   

Prosecutors say Kilpatrick hasn't paid enough toward the $1 million. He has been making monthly payments of $3,000, but they learned that Kilpatrick has other money, including $240,000 in loans, lives in a rented Texas mansion and drives fancy SUVs.

The prosecutor said there's "no question" she will argue for "significant time" in jail. Defense lawyer Michael Schwartz said jail time would be extreme. 
"What's more important - punishing the guy or getting money for the city?" he said.

Well, I'll go out on limb here and say... jail time! Why do we put up with a convicted politician seeming to always come out ahead once they have been proven guilty? They lie like a dog when first confronted with charges. They force agencies to go to the expense of a trial or, at the least, drag it out until tons of money and man-hours have been spent collecting evidence. Then, when they can no longer lie because the proof is so over-whelming, they are plead guilty. 

They receive their punishment after making a plea bargain, usually a fine or a suspended jail sentence, and a few actually go to prison. But regardless, they all seem to come out OK at a later date. They make money by selling their story or writing a book. They go on TV interview shows. Some even are voted back into the same office they were in when they committed the crime!  (Check out former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry's crime history!) 

So I say that the best way to show politicians that we will not put up with their criminal hi-jinks is to show them that we will always put them in prison when they are convicted. Sure, take a bunch of money from them also, but put them in the slammer with one of their constituents that murdered their entire family. That would make a whole new meaning to "fill-a-buster".

That should be one of the first steps in taking back our country from crooked politicians. Quit being nice to them. Quit making plea bargains. Quit re-electing them! Let's get a whole new group of people wanting public offices to do good for the country and not to see how much money, fame and power they can get, or how many mistresses they can gather! 

And how would we make sure that they are sincere in their campaign speeches and their motives? By making examples of the crooked ones by sending them straight to jail if they ever commit a crime in office. Period.

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