Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here We Dough Again.....

A few days ago, about 5 posts ago, I wrote about the stupidity of our government sending out a letter telling you it was going to be sending out your census form. What a waste of taxpayer's money.

Well, guess what I got in today's mail? No, not another useless letter about the census from our government. This time it was a postcard! The front tells you that "Your response to the U.S. Census Bureau is required by law".

The back gets real personal by addressing me as "Dear Resident". It goes on to remind me that "a few days ago" I "should have" received a request to "participate" in the 2010 Census. It tells me that it is important that I respond and if I have not responded to "please" provide my information as soon as possible.

The odd thing is that this card is all sweet with lots of "please" and "thank you's". But then I remembered that the original survey form BOLDLY stated that I MUST return the survey or I could face jail and a fine.

So here is another example of our government wasting money. At least this time they got the postcard rate and not the letter rate. Did you get yours?

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