Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is This The Con-Census of Our Country?

Did you get your "advisory" from the U.S. Department of Commerce yet? I received mine yesterday. A one-page letter informing me that "About one week from now" I will be receiving a 2010 census form in the mail. I assume they mean the same "mail" by which they sent this letter. It went on to tell me my response was important and it thanked me in advance. It was signed by Robert Groves, the Director for the Census Bureau. I'm pretty sure he didn't sign it personally.

After reading the letter I started wondering why the bureau bothered to send out a notice telling you that you were going to receive something in the mail. If you received this letter wouldn't you also receive the census form? If you opened this envelope to read it won't you open the census form envelope also? Couldn't they tell you that your response is important and ask you to fill it out when you got the census form? Did they just DOUBLE the cost of postage for the whole census project?

And after I thought about the waste of money, our tax money, I noticed that near the bottom of the letter that it explained you could go to the the website if you needed help in completing the form.
In SIX languages! Yes, the help notice was in English of course and then Spanish and four other languages.

So if you are being sent a census "pre-warning" don't they already have your address? If you're an illegal immigrant I doubt that you received this letter and I sure as hell doubt that you're going to fill out a census form! And if you are a legal immigrant can't you speak and read enough English to understand this letter?

I just don't understand how and when we became used to accepting the fact that illegal immigrants sneak in our country every day by the hundreds and we really don't put a stop to it. To prove my point, do you remember the protest march a few months ago about giving amnesty to all illegal immigrants in the country? It was made up of mostly illegal immigrants! Yes, there they were walking down the middle of streets across the country carrying picket signs ( printed in English by the way). And we just watched. But I digress, that is for another blog.

The point of today's blog is why does our government waste so much money on stupid things? How much did that letter cost us? Tens of thousands of dollars? A hundred thousand or more? You do the math. So when you get your actual census form and you fill it out, before you seal it, would you throw in a buck to offset the postage?

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