Thursday, August 15, 2013

Turnstile Prison Gates.... Let Them Rust Shut

Another example of our justice system making you want to scream and pull your hair out:

In mid-July of this year in Tampa, Florida, a Family Dollar store was robbed and the manager, Horsley Shorter Jr., was shot and killed by the robber. I'll keep this short. The robbery was caught on the store security camera. The robber was identified as Demetrius L Parks, a 23 year old convicted felon.

Parks fled the area and six days later was caught and arrested. He will have his day in court. Case over. Except I'd like to mention a few facts.

Parks was released from a Florida state prison last year and a county jail in June.

According to Tampa police Chief Castor, Parks has an "extensive criminal record". That might be an understatement.

Parks was first arrested in Florida when he was 14 on a felony battery charge. In all, Parks has been charged with 37 felonies and 25 misdemeanors. His arrest in this case was his FIFTH since March 2012 when he was released from state prison.

That's it. I wanted to make it short and sweet. Is there ANY reason that animal was allowed to be out on the streets? How many crimes does a person have to commit to be put in jail an never released? An inocent hard-working family man is dead because a career criminal was not behind bars. Or I should say, a career animal.

Oh, did I mention that Shorter Jr. was a 26-year military veteran? And that Parks was holding a gun on the clerk and Shorter Jr came out of the office to defend the clerk?


America, we are losing.

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