Friday, March 8, 2013

Same Old Song... "Cry Me A River" by Exxon/Mobil

I wanted to share this when I first saw it months ago. But of course I put the clipping away and just found it. From the Tampa Bay Times: (The bold highlights are from me).

Exxon Mobil said fourth-quarter profit rose to $9.95 billion, a five-year high, as growing supplies of cheap U.S. oil boosted margins from refining crude into fuels. (Are they saying that the oil they get from our land is cheaper than getting it from foreign  areas???)

Profit from processing crude into gasoline,diesel,heating oil,and other fuels quadrupled in the quarter compared with a year earlier. Exxon refineries earned $1.77 billion during the period, compared with $425 million a year earlier. 

So there you have it. They're still rolling in the dough. And we just watch gas prices go up and up. So why don't we continue to get more "cheap" oil from our own land? Drill baby drill.

Those of you that read my other blog, "Gasoline Costs Too Much!" know that I have been preaching for years that the ONE way that we as a people can control gas prices to a large extent is to STOP buying gas from ANY Exxon/Mobil station. Period. That's it. No gas from them. How long would it take all of their stations to reduce the gas prices in order to get it out of their storage tanks? Especially since gasoline can not sit for long extended periods of time without becoming weaker. 

Let their tanks get full and watch their prices drop. Stay away and they'll drop more. The station across the street will get their business. After a period of time when the Exxon price is lowered then go fill your tanks and stop going to Shell or BP. Their prices will fall to match Exxon. If Exxon starts rising too much stop going to their stations again. And so on and so on.

Either way, we let them know that we can prevent them from having these record high profits while we pay record high prices. I haven't went to an Exxon/Mobil station in over 15 years. 

It's your turn......


  1. Exxonmobil is always getting its profit because they've explored oil in everywhere of all areas on the world

  2. Well of course they "explore oil" everywhere. Just are like any other oil company. They have to have it to sell. They get their profits from selling that oil at a much higher price than it costs to "explore" and process it.


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