Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Them Thar' Are Fightin' Words....

My post, on October 9, 2012, about how liberals say vile, hateful, personal things about conservatives drew some comments from a few people. Gee, they sounded mad. Angry. Like they took it personal. Oh well, then they won't like the following article that I am copying from the webpage of the Independent Journal Review.

It is another example of the lunacy of certain people that have their own TV program. Wouldn't you think that MSNBC would have to ask themselves why they still allow people like Lawrence O'Donnell to speak to the public. I know the ratings are in the sewer for this show and for many of MSNBC's other programs and I suppose not even the executives from the company watch the show.

Have you ever seen a conservative host of any media program offer to fight a politicians family member? Really? Ever? Is this anger by O'Donnell? Personal anger? Hatred?  Psychotic behavior? You be the judge...

O'Donnell Over The Edge & Off The Cliff

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