Friday, October 7, 2011

Made In The USA

Those are a dozen of my favorite letters, especially when they are in that exact order. M-A-D-E-I-N-T-H-E-U-S-A. I can honestly say that I look at the packaging of almost everything I buy and look to see where the item was made. I may not be able to get everything I need from manufacturers in the U.S. but I try.

 And from time to time I like to share with you companies that are still making things right in our own country. One such company is Mag Industries headquartered in Ontario, California. I know, it may not sound like an American city but I'm telling myself that the city was founded by Mr. Ontario.

The story of its founder, Anthony Maglica, is very interesting and in order to keep this post short, you can click on his name to be linked to the company's history. In 1979 he introduced the 'Maglite' flashlight.

If you are a police officer or firefighter or other emergency worker, then you know all about Maglite. It changed the portable lighting industry forever. I used a Maglite for my entire law enforcement career and can attest that they are simply the best flashlight you can get. Not just for their durability and reliability, but because they are still only made in America. I used a rechargeable Maglite for many years on third-shift and sometimes it went most of the shift without getting recharged and it always worked whenever I needed it.

The company employs about 850 people and is expanding its manufacturing plant to keep up with the demand for their products. Read more about their commitment to being an American company at this link: 'Commitment'.

If you really want to be impressed, go to their "Timeline" page and start looking at their history from the beginning until now and just look at the donations they make to so many charities and worthwhile events. You have to be impressed. I know I'm proud of their history and the fact that they are another example of a great company still not outsourcing their products to another country in order to save a dime.

Do you want to see how tough and dependable these flashlights are? Go to their "Amazing Stories" link and read what actual users have to say about their products.

If you are in the market for a dependable flashlight that you can rely on then please consider buying a Maglite. You'll be getting a great product and you'll be supporting an American company.

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  1. Remember the good ole days as a kid when you got a toy and it was made out of metal and stamped: Made In The USA.
    I feel government has let us down by educating into young people that we have to buy from foreign countries because American Made Products are too expensive.

    It used to be easy to say, don't buy it if it isn't American. Today that is almost an impossibility. At some point we must get back to our values and economy.


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