Thursday, December 16, 2010

Made in ChiBangladonesixico......

This past weekend my wife and I went to our local mall to pick up some new warmer clothes for our upcoming trip to Kentucky. I have gotten into the habit of looking at labels to see where the items I am buying were produced. I am very much aware that it is becoming more and more difficult to locate anything that is still being made in the USA. If I see two or three of the same item made by different manufacturers I always check to see if any were made in America. If it was then that is the one I buy, even if it is higher in price.

So on this shopping trip I checked each label of the clothes I wanted to buy. I can tell you that it is almost impossible to find any clothing that is still made in our own country. And electronics, as they say in Jersey, "Forgeta bout it". 

Here is a list of the items I bought and where they were made:

-Sonoma hooded sweatshirt - Made in Indonesia

-Craft & Barrow flannel shirt - Made in Bangladesh

-Boca Classics flannel shirt - Made in Bangladesh

-Wrangler jeans - Made in Mexico (but the label points out   "of  US fabric"

-Isotoner gloves - Made in China

-Hallmark greeting card - Made in China

I couldn't find one single piece of clothing that was made in the USA. 

After leaving the mall I stopped at a grocery store and picked up a can of Geisha smoked oysters which were made in China. I checked the other two brands on the shelf, StarKist and Bumble Bee and they were also made in China.

It won't be long until we even see things like this.....

But I always like to point out something I find that is still made in America. If you ever need any baking trays or cookie sheets please buy the Mainstays brand. They are proudly labeled "Made in the USA"!

If you need to wear clothes or watch TV or listen to music or talk on a phone or use a computer to blog about things not made in America then you'll be using things not made here. But if you want a nice warm cookie straight out of your Asian made oven then you can at least feel comfortable knowing the cookie sheet was made in the good ole USA....


  1. Check out, which I used to purchase every single Christmas present. Also, join this Facebook page on how to reverse this trend.!/pages/Make-America-Strong-Again/148404375209338.

    It never occurred to me to check out food products. I will do from now on.

  2. Mainstay sells junk

  3. Boca jeans made in lesotho , which by the way is in Africa . Some more junk sold by Khols .


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