Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Losing My Mind!!

PLEASE! Do me a favor and see if it's just me...... Watch ANY video (or listen to any audio) of the presindent's press secretary Robert Gibbs and see if he drives you crazy using "UH"!

As the youngsters text these days, OMG!  He stammers and utters "Uh....." a ZILLION times at EVERY press conference! He does it even though he has a prepared statement  but it is even worse when he is "winging it".

Am I the only one that notices this? Why hasn't this been made into a Saturday Night Live skit? I find that I don't even pay attention to what he is saying now. I just sit there and count the "Uh's".

I just watched a 15 second clip on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell and he used "Uh" NINE times. Some are those real short "Uh's" slipped in between two words but other times he lets loose with one of those long drawn out "Uuuuuhhhhhhhh"s.

It has to be brought to the attention of the mainstream media. Air it on every evening news program and cable news show. Make it the feature story on Meet The Press.

Please, anyone, just get him to stop talking!

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