Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Have To Do What?!??!

If the Health Care bill gets passed and changes aren't made are you aware that you will be forced to buy some sort of health insurance? Forced. Not asked, requested, or suggested. Forced. How do you feel about your government forcing you to do this? There's only a few things that our government forces it's citizens to do. Among them, obeying state and federal laws or you are fined and or jailed. Rob that bank, go to jail. Get a speeding ticket, pay the fine. Pay your taxes or get fined and jailed. Can the government make another law that forces you to buy health insurance?

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is wondering the same thing. He has directed his staff to investigate the legality of requiring people to either buy the insurance or face a penalty. According to the St Petersburg Times, McCollum said he has "grave concerns" about what he called a "living tax". "There are serious questions about whether a tax of this nature is constitutional". McCollum is asking his counterparts in other states to join his investigation.

Under the Senate bill, families that don't purchase insurance could be fined the greater of $2,250 or 2 percent of their taxable income.

Regardless of what your political views are do you really want our government forcing you to do something? Something that should be your own choice. You are required by law to have car insurance if you drive a car on our highways. But it's your choice not to own a car. You can own your home free and clear and if you do not to have it insured that's your choice. If you meet the legal requirements you can own a firearm or you can choose not to. If you want to go through life and not insure your health that should be your choice. If you want to pay for your medicine and doctor or hospital visits with your own money that's your choice.

That's what is needed in this country, more choices and less requirements. Less government control over our personal lives. Yes, we need laws and rules but they should be for the protection and benefit of all.

Sure I'll pay for health coverage but I should be able to choose to do it, not forced. You wear a seat belt when you drive and a helmet when you ride a motorcycle but it should be your choice. Make the right choices for yourself and your family, be nice to people and live your own life without having to depend on Big Brother.

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